The board of directors of Shirble Department Store Holdings (China) Limited announced that Ms. HUANG Xue Rong ("Ms. Huang") has been re-designated from a non- executive Director to an executive Director effective from 10 April 2024 upon the recommendation of the nomination committee of the Board. Ms. Huang will continue to act as the chairlady of the Board following the re-designation. Ms. Huang, aged 59, was a non-executive Director since May 2020 and has been re-designated as an executive Director effective from 10 April 2024.

Ms. Huang is also the chairlady of the Board. Ms. Huang has more than 15 years of experience in administrative and business matters. Ms. Huang is responsible for the formulation of the overall business development strategy of the Group.

Ms. Huang is the spouse of the late Mr. YANG Xiangbo, the founder of the Group, and the mother of Mr. YANG Ti Wei, an executive Director, deputy chairman of the Board and chief executive officer of the Group.