Shirble Department Store Holdings (China) Limited provided unaudited consolidated earnings guidance for the year ended December 31, 2022. For the period, the company and the prospective investors that the amount of the loss attributable to the Shareholders for the FY2022 is expected to increase to the range between RMB 540.0 million and RMB 580.0 million, as compared to the loss attributable to the Shareholders of RMB 438.0 million for the year ended 31 December 2021. Such expected amount of loss for the FY2022 is primarily due to the following reasons: (1) an one-off loss of approximately RMB250 million because of (a) derecognition of the right-of-use asset, lease liabilities and lease receivables as a result of the early termination of a lease agreement and (b) decrease in the right-of-use asset and lease receivables following the entering into certain sub-lease agreements by the Group in relation to the premises leased by the Group; (2) a provision of the impairment loss on the amount due from a connected party, Shenzhen Shengrunfeng Investment & Development Co., Limited, of approximately RMB135 million; and (3) the net loss on listed equity securities of approximately RMB43 million arising from the disposal of all shares of TFG International Group Limited (stock code: 00542) held by the Group; and (4) the fair value loss on investment properties of the Group.