On December 4, 2023, Extropic Corp. closed the transaction. The company has received $14,100,000 in the transaction.

The round of funding led by individual investor, Steve Jang and new investor, Kindred Ventures LLC. The transaction also included participation from new investors, Buckley Ventures, HOF Capital Management, LLC, Julian capital, Oss Capital, L.P., Valor Management LLC, Weekend Fund, Adobe Inc., Shopify Inc., Marque Ventures, angel investors, Aidan Gomez, Amjad Masad, Arash Ferdowsi, Aravind Srinivas, Balaji Srinivasan, Bryan Johnson, Chris Prucha, Farbood Nivi, Garry Tan, Ivan Zhang, Naval Ravikant, Oliver Cameron, Packy McCormick, Scott Belsky, Tobias Lutke and many more including several venture-backed artificial intelligence startups.