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Chief Executive Officer 50 98-09-30
Chief Operating Officer - -
Corporate Officer/Principal - -
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Director/Board Member 69 19-07-31
Chief Executive Officer 50 98-09-30
Director/Board Member 54 15-12-29
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SimiGon Ltd is engaged in developing learning, training and simulation technologies and applications for use in professional communities. The Company has developed SIMbox, a personal computer (PC)-based software platform to create, modify, manage and deploy any simulation-based content across a multitude of domains, such as training, research development, operations analysis and entertainment. SIMbox is a three dimensional (3D) simulation engine including software modules that enable users to create new products and content. The Company also provides KnowBook is a training solution for aircrew and organizations. KnowBook includes all types of simulation, knowledge management, mission rehearsal, after action review (AAR), and time management. The Knowbook family consists of AirBook, GroundBook, and MarineBook. In addition, the Company offers AirTrack, which provides passenger inflight entertainment solutions, and D-Brief PC, an offline/real-time debriefing application.
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