Skillful Craftsman Education Technology Ltd. announced that the company entered into a strategic cooperation agreement (the "Agreement") with Jiangsu Hibao Tech Software Co. Ltd. to develop its Meta-Factory, a smart technical skills training Metaverse platform. Pursuant to the Agreement, both parties agree to develop Meta-Factory for providing vocational colleges and manufacturing industry customers with multi-person collaborative and multi-scene simulation training bases, which are designed to help them effectively cater to the fast-evolving labor market of manufacturing factories.

Hibao agrees to provide basic data of manufacturing industry, and the Company agrees to be responsible for building the virtual reality ("VR") smart operation platform and constructing vocational training bases. Applied VR and augmented reality ("AR") technology with advanced immersive user interaction designing, Meta-Factory is designed to help students simulate the operation of each step in a smart factory and enhance their learning experience in a high-quality virtual simulation environment. Integrated various types of production data, three-dimensional spatial data, management data, personnel data, and other static data input by sensors and networks, Meta-Factory is expected to duplicate virtual factory buildings, workshops, equipment, personnel, production environment, and dynamic production process of a factory on a full scale with three-dimensional simulation display and full range adjustment and scene switching.

Based on the cloud-based collaborative application module, Meta-Factory can achieve synchronization of time, data, location, production process, and personnel, leading to real-time production process monitoring and monitoring and management of production, logistics, and space, equipment, and personnel. Meta-Factory will also support the interaction and communication between students in different positions.