Skillful Craftsman Education Technology Limited announced a strategic collaboration between its Singapore subsidiary, Le First Skilland Pte. Ltd. ("Skilland"), and Prestige International Management Pte Ltd. ("Prestige"), a subsidiary of Advancer Group. This partnership aims to facilitate the sourcing of qualified Chinese healthcare professionals that Prestige will place with Singaporean hospitals.

Pursuant to the terms of this agreement, Skilland will leverage the Company's extensive expertise and experience in China to recruit and train Chinese healthcare professionals who possess rich nursing experiences and are fluent in English to be placed to the Singaporean hospitals through Prestige's network, which will alleviate the ongoing shortage of healthcare personnel in Singapore. Prestige has entered into a Master Service Agreement with its client to provide qualified healthcare workers from China to meet its client's need. The collaborative efforts of Skilland and Prestige are not limited to addressing the current healthcare workforce deficit in Singapore.

Both entities have agreed that their future cooperation will also encompass areas such as elder care, home nursing services, collaborative training programs, and educational institutions.