Solocal announced on Friday that it had requested the suspension of its listing on the Paris stock exchange pending a "forthcoming communication" concerning its financial restructuring.

This suspension, effective since the opening, comes as the local information group recently declared that it had received a firm takeover offer from Ycor, the private equity fund launched by Maurice Lévy.

This proposal has received the unanimous support of the company's board of directors, management team and senior creditors, who consider it to be the only one capable of ensuring the company's long-term future.

According to analysts, this potential takeover, which is likely to result in significant shareholder dilution, could also lead to a probable delisting.

In another sign of interest, the company indicated last month that it had received an improved financial restructuring proposal from its bondholders, who are also partly shareholders.

Solocal's share price is now just a few eurocents, with a market capitalization of less than 5.8 million euros.

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