(Hong Kong - 13 January, 2017) Solomon Systech Limited ('Solomon Systech'), a leading semiconductor company specializing in the design, development and sales of proprietary display IC products and system solutions, is pleased to announce that a member of its PMOLED display Driver IC family, SSD1306, has set a new company shipment record by achieving cumulative shipments of 200 million units (2008 - 2016). This is also believed to have set a remarkable record in the OLED display driver sector.

Solomon Systech has been a pioneer in the global PMOLED display driver IC sector. It introduced the world's first single chip PMOLED display driver IC with controller, and has been a global market leader with over 50% share of the PMOLED display driver IC market.

Solomon Systech's PMOLED display driver IC, SSD1306, is the world's first OLED driver IC with built-in charge pump. With this built-in charge pump regulator, external DC / DC converter and the associated passive components are no longer necessary, which helps reducing the total system cost. SSD1306 also features programmable frame rate and multiplexing ratio, as well as screen saving continuous scrolling function in both horizontal and vertical direction which enables smooth content display. Moreover, it is applicable to different MCU interfaces, including I2C, 8-bit 6800/8080-series parallel interface, 3/4-wire serial peripheral interface, etc., which enhances flexibility in software and hardware development, and facilitates rapid adoption by consumer electronics devices. End customers can benefit from the competitive features of OLED technology, i.e. high brightness, self-emission, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, wide temperature range, short response time, low power consumption, thin and light-weighted end products.

These competitive features have made SSD1306 a de facto standard for PMOLED module design, and a best fit for driving the display of a wide range of smart devices, spanning from consumer electronic devices including wearables, pocket Wi-Fi, mobile phone sub-displays, bank-keys, to industrial and educational devices.

'We are most excited about this achievement. Not only is this a strong recognition of the competitive quality of our OLED products, it is also the best proof that the solid relationships we forged with our world-class customers and international brands through the years has translated into lucrative business opportunities,' said Raymond Wang, Corporate Vice President and Head of Advanced Display Business Unit, Solomon Systech Limited.

'Solomon Systech sees huge potential in the OLED technology, in particular with the onset of the age of the IoT boosting the growth of many smart mobile devices, in particular wearables, which require ultra low power display, and slim form factor with superb readability. We at Solomon Systech are ready to capture this surging market, and continue to innovate to contribute to the development of the OLED technology as a whole,' Mr. Wang added.

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