Costa del Sol S.A. and Consorcio Inti Punku - formed by Sacyr Construcción S.A., Sucursal del Perú and Sacyr Construcción Perú S.A.C. and Cumbra Perú S.A.- have signed the ?Contract for the construction of two (2) Costa del Sol hotels at Jorge Chavez International Airport?. The contract is for the construction of the hotel project of Costa del Sol S.A. within the Jorge Chavez International Airport, as a complement to the New Terminal, which will occupy a land area of 4,967 m2 for the development of an 5-star category Upper Upscale Hotel and a 3-star category Limited Services Hotel. The contract amount for the first stage for the Upper Upscale Hotel is USD 24,189,020.00 (without VAT) and the execution term is 13.5 months; and the amount and term for the second stage for the Limited Services Hotel will be agreed upon once the first stage is completed.

This project joins the other two projects being developed by the Inti Punku Consortium, of which Cumbra Perú S.A. is part, becoming a reference in the construction sector in the region and, particularly, in the real estate development of the new Airport City in charge of Lima Airport Partners.