Spire Global, Inc. was awarded a Space Services contract by Lacuna Space. Under the agreement, Spire will initially build and launch six satellites carrying Lacuna Space's payload and antenna, with the opportunity to scale the constellation to dozens of satellites. Lacuna Space will operate its payloads and receive encrypted data at its Harwell headquarters.

With six satellites manufactured by Spire at its facility in Glasgow, UK, in addition to Lacuna Space's ten earlier satellites, Lacuna Space will be able to scale its IoT network for low-cost, reliable global connections to sensors and mobile equipment. Lacuna focuses on IoT services for agriculture, maritime, logistics, remote infrastructure and environmental monitoring, with applications such as measuring soil moisture for farmers in remote regions to improve crop yield or tracking the movement of assets. These satellites feature Lacuna's new proprietary, ultra-high density 'Gentoo' satellite gateway.

The satellite gateway work in conjunction with Lacuna's ground scheduling network, which enables adaptive, regional, fine-frequency algorithms developed using AI from years of satellite-based spectrum scans. Spire Space Services offers fast and scalable access to space through a subscription model that eliminates the high upfront cost of building and maintaining infrastructure in space. The Company has designed, built, and launched more than 170 satellites, enabling commercial and government organizations to easily deploy and operate a constellation, hosted payload, or a software application in space leveraging Spire's established space, ground, and web infrastructure.

Spire handles the end-to-end management, from manufacturing to launch to satellite operations, and the customer operates the system through a web API.