SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. has announced a new collaboration with Circulate Capital, a prominent investment management firm focusing on the circular economy in high-growth markets. SS&C GlobeOp will act as the official fund administrator for Circulate Capital's Singapore-based variable capital company (VCC) fund and its Luxembourg feeder fund, while also providing anti-money laundering support. Circulate Capital, established in 2018, has been a leader in promoting the circular economy, combatting climate change, and addressing plastic waste issues in high-growth markets.

Through its investments in 16 companies, the firm has facilitated the retention of over 260,000 tons of plastic waste in circulation and prevented close to 400,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. With an investor base that now includes several Development Finance Institutions, Circulate Capital sought a service provider with the requisite expertise and flexibility to accommodate various complex reporting requirements. This partnership with SS&C Technologies is expected to enhance Circulate Capital's capabilities in managing its funds and meeting the evolving needs of its investors.