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Managers TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 59 18-08-31
Director of Finance/CFO - 22-12-31
Chief Tech/Sci/R&D Officer 59 14-12-31
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 56 17-09-25
Director/Board Member - 17-09-25
Chairman 73 17-09-26
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STADA Arzneimittel AG (STADA) is a global pharmaceutical company that focuses on multisource products. It focuses on three core business segments: Generics offers drugs in the multisource product category, made from readily available, off-patent active ingredients; Brand-Name Products focuses on multisource products that are accessible without active ingredient research and are principally offered to the public in the non-prescription and self-medication product sectors, while Special Pharmaceuticals focuses on products with specific market entry barriers or specialized sales structures, including oncological drugs. STADA generics are sold by numerous subsidiaries in the respective national markets.
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