(Alliance News) - European stock markets Friday are headed for an upward opening, extending the global rally thanks to the Federal Reserve easing fears of another interest rate hike, hinting that , although without a certain timing, the next move on the cost of money will be bearish. It is precisely from the States that important reports on the labor market are expected, which could provide new clues on the next moves-or non-moves-by Eccles Building.

Thus, the FTSE Mib is marking an asset of 150.00 points.

In Europe, Paris' CAC 40 is advancing 23.90 points, London's FTSE 100 is marking a 14.70-point rise, and Frankfurt's DAX 40 is advancing 74.00 points.

Last night, the Mid-Cap closed above par at 47,243.74, the Small-Cap gave up 0.1 percent to 28,893.46, while Italy Growth closed in the green by 0.1 percent to 8,230.05.

On the Mib last night, good session for Banca Monte dei Paschi, which closed in the lead with 5.1%. Pirelli and Ferrari followed, in the green by 2.1% and 2.0% respectively.

Stellantis closed the listing down 4.3%. The company on Thursday announced that it had completed the first tranche of the 2024 ordinary share repurchase program announced on Feb. 28, for up to EUR1 billion to be executed on the open market in the period from Feb. 28 to June 5.

From Feb. 28 to April 29, Stellantis purchased a total of 41.1 million ordinary shares for a total consideration of EUR1 billion.

On the cadet segment, Maire Tecnimont closed 4.0 percent in the red, on the heels of Tuesday's 0.5 percent decline. The company announced Tuesday that Nextchem reports that NextChem, through its subsidiary NextChem Tech, has finalized the acquisition of 80% of HyDEP and 100% of Dragoni Group.

The transaction price is approximately EUR3.6 million, paid in advance. The deal also includes an earn-out clause based on the achievement of technical targets within 30 months of closing, as well as put and call options on the remaining 20% stake in HyDEP exercisable within 36 months of closing.

Worse did only Fincantieri, in the red by 5.5 percent.

Mondadori - on par at EUR2.25 per share - reported Thursday that its subsidiary Rizzoli International Publications Inc had completed the acquisition of 100 percent of the share capital of Chelsea Green Publishing Company.

On the Small-Cap, Safilo Group - down 0.3 percent - reported Thursday that it has signed a perpetual license agreement with Authentic Brands Group for Eyewear by David Beckham, replacing the previous contract that expires at the end of 2030. Under the new agreement, Safilo will continue to manage the entire value chain, from the design phase, a creative process led by David Beckham, to global manufacturing and distribution.

Seri Industrial ends down 14 percent. It reported Tuesday that it posted revenues of EUR43.4 million in the first quarter of 2024, down slightly by EUR237,000 from the previous reporting period.

Among SMEs, Imprendiroma rose 49 percent after the accounts. It reported Tuesday that it ended 2023 with a net profit of EUR18.0 million, up 173 percent from EUR6.6 million as of Dec. 31, 2022.

The board of directors proposed to distribute a dividend of EUR0.089, up from about EUR0.04464 a year earlier.

Clabo gave up 1.2 percent after announcing Thursday that it approved consolidated financial statements as of Dec. 31, which closed with a profit of EUR1.2 million from EUR900,000 a year earlier.

Revenues increased to EUR60.5 million from EUR51.4 million.

Ebitda increased 16 percent to EUR10.1 million from EUR8.7 million.

Askoll EVA closed up 24 percent and brings the price to EUR0.34 per share after a change in top management. The company announced Tuesday that it had appointed Luca Bolcati as the company's new CEO with immediate effect. The board also appointed Luca Bolcati as the company's Investor Relator.

Circle announced Thursday that it has been awarded a EUR300,000, 12-month contract.

The order involves support to a leading international operator in the provision of Milos Federative Services for multimodal interoperability in the supply chain, document dematerialization and preparation for upcoming EU regulatory changes on the issues.

Promotica's board of directors - in the red by 1.0 percent - reviewed and approved the group's consolidated results as of December 31, 2023, closing with a net income of EUR3.4 million compared to EUR3.2 million as of December 31, 2022.

Sales revenues were EUR84.5 million compared to EUR89.9 million achieved in 2022.

In New York overnight Europe, the Dow Jones closed up 0.9 percent, the S&P advanced 0.9 percent and the Nasdaq advanced 1.5 percent.

In Asia, where the Japanese and Chinese stock exchanges are closed for Labor Day, the Hang Seng is advancing 1.4 percent.

Among currencies, the euro changes hands at USD1.0734 from USD1.0698 on Thursday in closing European equities while the pound is worth USD1.2549 from USD1.2500 on Thursday evening.

Among commodities, Brent crude is worth USD83.78 a barrel from USD83.12 a barrel Thursday evening and gold trades at USD2,304.13 an ounce from USD2,304.56 an ounce Thursday evening.

Friday's macroeconomic calendar has French industrial production and government budget at 0845 CEST while the Italian unemployment rate is expected at 1000 CEST followed by the European unemployment rate at 1100 CEST.

At the same time German and French registrations will come out.

In the afternoon, from the US, hourly earnings, manufacturing payrolls and the unemployment rate are expected at 1430 CEST.

At 1545 CEST the U.S. S&P Global PMI Composite and Services indices will come out, and the ISM non-manufacturing index at 1600 CEST.

In Piazza Affari, the results of Edison and Intesa Sanpaolo are scheduled to be released.

By Maurizio Carta, Alliance News reporter

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