STMicroelectronics has announced that Panasonic Cycle Technology Co. Ltd. (Panasonic) has adopted the STM32F3 microcontroller (MCU) and edge AI development tool, STM32Cube.AI, for their TiMO A e-assisted bike. ST's edge AI solutions provide a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that leverages STM32Cube.AI to reduce the size of the neural network (NN) model and optimize memory allocation throughout the development of this AI function.

ST's free edge AI development tool that converts NN models learned by general AI frameworks into code for the STM32F3 MCU and optimizes these models. The tool optimized the NN model developed by Panasonic Cycle Technology for the STM32F 3 MCU quickly and easily, and implemented it in the flash memory, which has limited capacity. ST offers a comprehensive edge AI ecosystem for spreading edge AI to devices used in a wide range of scenarios.

The ecosystem includes STM32Cube.AI and also the NanoEdge AI Studio autoML tool. Both tools are part of the soon to be available ST Edge AI Suite. All of them are available free of charge.