StoneCo Ltd. announced additional board changes. Stone?s Board has approved the appointment of Gilberto Caldart as a Board Member. Mr. Caldart is a former Vice Chairman and President of International Markets at Mastercard, where he worked more than 14 years.

Prior to that he also had a 26-year career in Citigroup, having extensive knowledge of financial services, payment innovation, and technology. The appointment of Mr. Caldart is effective immediately. Board of Directors Composition: As a result of this change, StoneCo Board of Directors will now be composed of nine Directors, six of whom are independent: André Street ?

Chairman, Conrado Engel ? Vice-Chairman, Diego Fresco Gutierrez, Gilberto Caldart, Luciana Aguiar, Mauricio Luchetti, Patricia Verderesi, Silvio José Morais, Thiago dos Santos Piau.