StoneCo Ltd. is announcing a planned transition within the Board of Directors. After a decade of fundamental contributions, founder, Mr. André Street has chosen not to seek re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, which will occur by the end of April 2024. In similar vein, Mr. Conrado Engel, Vice Chairman, and Patricia Verderesi Schindler, will also not seek re-election, having completed their two-year commitment to the Company.

In connection with these changes, the committees will be reorganized having the following composition: People Committee: Mauricio Luchetti, Silvio José Morais, and Thiago Dos Santos Piau. Finance Committee: Gilberto Caldart, Silvio José Morais, and Thiago Dos Santos Piau. Audit Committee: Diego Fresco Gutierrez, Luciana Ibiapina Lira Aguiar, and Mauricio Luchetti.

Risk Committee: Gilberto Caldart, José Alexandre Scheinkman, and Luciana Ibiapina Lira Aguiar.