Vienna - The European construction and technology group STRABAG SE is addressing the most pressing issues facing the construction industry in the future and is committing itself to becoming climate neutral along the entire value chain by 2040.

Everything that STRABAG is already doing to achieve this ambitious goal, and everything that will continue to be necessary in the years to come, will be a focus of the communication activities from now on. As part of these efforts, STRABAG is evolving its previous corporate slogan 'TEAMS WORK.' by placing even greater focus on building sustainably and creating progress. The new slogan is: 'STRABAG - Work On Progress'. This confidently formulated entrepreneurial ambition is being accompanied by a redesign of the logo and corporate image of STRABAG and of the ZUBLIN brand. The corresponding campaign aims to intensify the exchange with professional target groups and the general public.

'The construction sector accounts for half of the global raw material demand and causes 38 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide,' explains Thomas Birtel, CEO of STRABAG SE. 'We in the construction industry will have to reinvent how we work, our processes and our materials, if we want to achieve the European and global climate targets. For the STRABAG Group, that means that everything we do and invest in dealing with the current energy and raw materials crisis must also be sustainable.'

Klemens Haselsteiner, member of the STRABAG SE Management Board responsible for innovation and sustainability, and the designated successor to Thomas Birtel as CEO, adds: 'Few other industries have as great a responsibility as the construction industry to find solutions quickly that are climate-friendly and environmentally sound in addition to being economically viable and socially responsible. That's what we're working on - today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Our future is our only building project that will never be finished - a building that we want to continuously keep working on. Our repositioning is therefore at the same time a sincere commitment, as a pioneer in the industry, to drive and shape change and to intensify the communication and exchange of ideas in this regard.'

Starting in October, STRABAG is highlighting its new corporate slogan 'Work On Progress' with an external communications campaign. Using image advertising both online and offline as well as large-format billboards, the company will be openly addressing the challenges facing the building industry and formulating its commitment to ensuring progress and sustainability in construction. Because to save the climate, you have to start somewhere. We're starting with ourselves. Additional forums for discussion among employees, industry and the general public are planned in order to continue to deepen the communication and mutual exchange of ideas.

A second campaign, to be launched in spring 2023, will focus on those people who perform the actual work on progress for STRABAG and for the industry: our employees, who are building the future with innovative ideas both on the construction site and in the office.

All relevant information is summarised in the Work On Progress Hub at The hub contains up-to-date details on the topics of digitalisation and innovation, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the materials and circular economy. The website also offers further information on specific lighthouse and pilot projects that STRABAG is currently working on: building projects where STRABAG creates the walls using 3D concrete printing directly on site; asphalt that is recycled and reused in the construction of new roads; conveyor belts that generate their own electricity; an old oil port that STRABAG is redeveloping into a centre for urban mining. In total, STRABAG is currently working on 250 innovation and 400 sustainability projects across the entire group.

STRABAG SE is a European-based technology group for construction services, a leader in innovation and financial strength. Our activities span all areas of the construction industry and cover the entire construction value chain. We create added value for our clients by taking an end-to-end view of construction over the entire life cycle - from planning and design to construction, operation and facility management to redevelopment or demolition. In all of our work, we accept responsibility for people and the environment: We are shaping the future of construction and are making significant investments in our portfolio of more than 250 innovation and 400 sustainability projects. Through the hard work and dedication of our approximately 74,000 employees, we generate an annual output volume of around EUR 16 billion. Our dense network of subsidiaries in various European countries and on other continents extends our area of operation far beyond the borders of Austria and Germany. Working together with strong partners, we are pursuing a clear goal: to design, build and operate construction projects in a way that protects the climate and conserves resources.


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