FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX Broker) - Südzucker's share price fluctuated sharply on Thursday. After the publication of preliminary business figures, the share price went up and down between minus 3.7 percent and plus 1.3 percent in the course of trading. Most recently, the shares were down 0.4 percent at EUR 14.07.

With regard to a conference call of the sugar producer, analyst Alex Sloane from Barclays referred to a statement according to which the mean value of the operating profit margin (EBIT) forecast for 2023/2024 will probably be more difficult to achieve. This is due to statements from the ethanol subsidiary Cropenergies regarding lower prices. The expert also referred to the planned increase in sugar production costs from the fourth financial quarter, which is likely to reduce the profitability of the sugar division in the coming quarters./bek/mis