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Company Presentation, May 2024

Forward-looking information


This presentation was prepared by Tadiran Group Ltd. (Previously: Tadiran Holdings Ltd.) (hereinafter: "the Company" and / or the "Group" and / or "Tadiran") as a general presentation about the Company and is not intended to replace the need to review the Company's full reports to the Securities Authority and the Stock Exchange. Value in Tel Aviv Ltd. including, inter alia, the Company's periodic reports including the Company's periodic report for FY 2023, Q1-2024 and immediate reports (hereinafter: "Company Reports") prior to making a decision regarding investment in the Company's securities.

The information contained in the presentation does not constitute advice, recommendation, opinion regarding investment, does not constitute an offer to invest and / or purchase securities of the Company (and in particular does not constitute an "offer to the public" or "sale to the public" of any kind) and does not replace independent examination and personal advice according to the unique needs of each investor. Such an offer shall be made only in accordance with the provisions of the law, after obtaining the necessary permits from the Securities Authority and the stock exchange. This presentation includes a summary of the issues described in the context in which they

are discussed and not the full information available to the Company in relation to these issues and does not include the full results and financial information of the Company and the notes to them, and / or the Company's business plans and / or the Company's risk factors.

The presentation includes data on international markets, including growth volumes, penetration rates, and sales, statistics, etc. It should be emphasized that this data is based on public data and the Company's assessments and does not constitute any facts and / or representations. This presentation may include forward-looking information as defined in the Securities Law, 1968 (hereinafter: "forward- looking information"), including forecasts, subjective assessments by the Company's management as of the date of publication of the presentation, which although the Company believes are reasonable, Which are inherently uncertain, estimates and information regarding future events. The forward-looking information is solely aimed at the date to which it relates and is uncertain, unpredictable, affected by factors beyond the control of the Company, each of which, or a combination thereof and the realization of which risk factors characterize the Company's activities, may materially impair results. The activities of the Company and cause

the actual results to be materially different from the forward-looking information.

Except as an undertaking to disclose information as required by the securities laws applicable to the Company, the Company does not undertake to update or change any information contained in this presentation in order to reflect events and / or circumstances that will apply after the date of its preparation. It is clarified that the Company's plans and strategy included in this presentation are correct as of the date of their publication and may and will change in accordance with the decisions of the Company's Board of Directors from time to time. Without detracting from the generality of the above, the information contained in the presentation, inter alia, regarding the Company's working principles, the Company's business plans in connection with AIROW technology, expansion of energy activity, product marketing and development, growth potential and revenue distribution in the coming years (including advancing the target for the realization of the growth strategy by two years), is forward-looking information based and derived, inter alia, on the Company's goals. The Company's assessments regarding the Company's objectives are based, inter alia, on the Company's assessments regarding trends in

the Company's business in particular and trends in the market in which the Company operates in general, as well as the Company's management assessments regarding potential and market trends in Israel and international markets as of this report. These estimates may not materialize and/or materialize in a materially different manner from the company's estimates, among other things, as a result of factors external to the company and which are beyond the company's control, including, among other things, changes in the economic situation in the Israeli economy in general and in the market in which the company operates in particular, the development of new trends and/or Different from those that the company's management estimates as of this date, the non-realization of the potential for penetration into international markets in general, and in particular those detailed above, regulatory changes and the realization of which of the risk factors described in the company's reports, the continued potential effects of the "Swords of Iron" war, etc.

To the extent that there is a contradiction between what is stated in this presentation and what is stated in the company's reports required by law, what is stated in the company's reports will prevail.

looking information

Change in the management structure -

a move that supports the strategic plan

In May 2024, changes were made to the Group's management structure in a way that will support the Group's development as well as the Group's strategic plan and the achievement of its targets

Other updates

Appointment of

Snir Sharon

to the position of Deputy CEO and Chief

Business Officer of the Group

Snir Sharon served as CFO and Deputy CEO for about 3 years, from now on he will manage and lead the group's business development activities for the implementation of the strategic plan, as well as manage and be responsible for the work interfaces with the CEOs in the group's subsidiaries

Appointment of

Ran Saban

to the position of Chief Finance Officer

of the Group

Ran Saban has many years of experience in the

positions of CFO and other senior finance positions, among others in public companies, Shufersel and companies in the ELCO group

Appointment of

Dany Vaknin

to the position of CEO of Tadiran Consumer and Technology Products

Dany Vaknin, who has 28 years of experience in the Group, has served for many years as Deputy CEO and VP of Operations of Tadiran Consumer Products, which coordinates the Group's air conditioning activities

"Swords of Iron" War

Implications for Tadiran Group

Tadiran Group enters this period of uncertainty with financial strength and flexibility, low leverage and efficient inventory management. As of this date, the war has no material effect on the group's financial condition, its ability to meet its obligations, its liquidity and its funding sources, as well as on the Company's suppliers, the availability of finished products and raw materials, the Company's supply chain, etc.

In the Consumer Products division, there was a slowdown and decline in the volume of demand and sales of air conditioners, which was mainly reflected in October 2023. In November-December 2023, sales returned to the level typical for this time of year.

Despite the aforementioned recovery in the months of November-December 2023, in the first quarter of 2024, there was a decrease in the volume of sales, and this in the Company's estimation is due to the continuation of the fighting and the state of emergency. It should also be noted that in the months of April-May 2024, the Company observes an increasing trend in the volume of sales in the sector both in relation to the first quarter of 2024 and in relation to the corresponding period last year.

In the field of photovoltaic energy in Israel, in the fourth quarter of 2023, there was a decrease in the demand for solar systems, but a significant improvement trend is evident in Tadiran Solar's activity in relation to the fourth quarter of 2023. The war had no significant effects on the activities of Tadiran Energy Solutions and the company continued to provide storage systems for its customers, and there is even a noticeable increase in demand for Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS), including for the benefit of server farms (Data Centers).

At this stage there is significant uncertainty regarding the further development of the war and its scope, its duration and the extent of its effects and accordingly, at this stage the Company is also unable to assess the full extent of the impact of the war on the Company's activities, business and financial results. It is possible that the war will have effects on the scope of activity in the consumer products and solar sector in Israel, at the same time, the company is unable to estimate the extent of the aforementioned impact by paying attention to the possible effects of additional macro factors in these industries.

Our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones. The Tadiran family sends wishes for a speedy recovery to all the wounded and hopes for the return of the kidnapped men and women soon and in peace. We would like to thank all the soldiers and security forces who are working to protect our home. May they return home safely.

Implications of Swords of Iron war

The Future Is Here

Company Vision

"Enabling a healthy and sustainable living environment

through renewable energy, comfortable climate and clean air, alongside maintaining its position as a leading company in the field of home and commercial air conditioning in Israel."

Company Overview

Heat Pumps

Aluminum Profiles

Solar Systems

Building Envelope

Air Conditioning


Power Supply (UPS).

Electric Vehicle Charging -

Air Handling

AC & DC Systems

Company Overview

Comprehensive End-to-End Solutions

Group Structure

Tadiran Group

Company Overview

Home and

Air treatment


VP Solar

commercial air









Import, marketing

One-stop shop in


Unique product

and distribution

Europe for solar

of electrical

energy systems


based on Airow

appliances for home

and heat pumps




production, service


and logistics




Heat pumps - water

capabilities and

heating solutions













Extrusion plant


Energy storage

engineering and

and trade in

shop for solar

systems, UPS,

installation of




cladding, curtain


systems in

and vehicle

walls and BIPV (in



the future)








Solar energy









Home and commercial air conditioning

Company Overview




Heat Pumps

Aluminum Profiles


BuildingArava envelope and

curtain walls


(in the future)



Air treatment technologies

White consumer




EV charging



Full End-to-End Value Chain

Company Overview


Management of a broad product portfolio of leading global brands in both air conditioning and new energy



Supply Chain

Leading in-house customer

Local Israeli R&D

Complex logistics system

service department.


of import, production,

Tadiran Xpert team to

Connection to startups

storage and distribution.

support every complex

and nurturing

Efficient inventory process



that allows for work in

dynamic market conditions

and a wide range of



Factories in Israel including advanced laboratories and rigorous quality control.

Leading, Recognized, and Preferred Brand

Company Overview

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