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Business description: TaiMed Biologics Inc.

TaiMed Biologics Inc. is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the research and development of new medicines. The Company mainly provides ibalizumab (TMB-355) and TMB-360, which are applied in the treatment of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and protease inhibitor (TMB-607), which is applied as pro-drugs for AIDS. The Company's ibalizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody, which can interfere with the penetration of the virus into the cell. Its protease inhibitor uses nanotechnology formulation for subcutaneous and/or intramuscular injections.

Sales by Activity: TaiMed Biologics Inc.

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023

Research and Development and Sales of New Drugs

705M 722M 413M 563M 492M
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Geographical breakdown of sales: TaiMed Biologics Inc.

Fiscal Period: December20192020202120222023


705M 722M 413M 563M 492M
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Managers: TaiMed Biologics Inc.

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer - -
Director of Finance/CFO - 08-05-31
Corporate Officer/Principal - -

Members of the board: TaiMed Biologics Inc.

Insider TitleAgeSince
Chairman - 09-06-11
Director/Board Member 62 17-05-25
Director/Board Member 66 18-09-06
Director/Board Member 68 20-06-03
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Shareholders: TaiMed Biologics Inc.

National Development Fund of The Executive Yuan
14.84 %
40,512,012 14.84 % 112 M NT$
Ruen Hua Dyeing & Weaving Co., Ltd.
6.730 %
18,379,028 6.730 % 51 M NT$
10,507,849 3.848 % 29 M NT$
10,410,455 3.812 % 29 M NT$
3,552,867 1.301 % 10 M NT$
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Company details: TaiMed Biologics Inc.

TaiMed Biologics, Inc.

3rd Floor No. 607 Ruiguang Road

114 92, Taipei

address TaiMed Biologics Inc.(4147)

Bio Therapeutic Drugs

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