TaiMed Biologics Inc. received patent approval from the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office for improving the pharmacokinetic performance of TMB-365 using histidine modification technology. The patent is titled ENGINEERING PH-DEPENDENT ANTIGEN BINDING ACTIVITY into ANTI-HIV ANTIBODIES with IMPROVED PHARMACOKINETICS. TMB-365 LM52 Glycan Modification technology was granted with patents in the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, China, Taiwan, and other countries previously.

The patent uses Histidine Modification engineering technology to improve the pharmacokinetic performance of TMB-365. Prolonging its blood half-life will eventually allow TMB-365 to maintain its effective drug blood concentration for a longer period, making it a long-acting monoclonal antibody drug. Patent applications have been filed in major countries or regions worldwide, and the patent protection period can be until 2040.