TaiMed Biologics Inc. and AcedrA Biopharmaceticals officially signed an exclusive license, commercialization and distribution agreement for Trogarzo in the Middle East and North Africa region. AcedrA shall pursue regulatory approvals, promote and commercialize the Product. AcedrA will supply Trogarzo in the region through a Named Patient Supply where local regulations will allow until regulatory approvals are obtained.

AcedrA Pharmaceutical Company (also known as AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals) is a specialized company dedicated in operating in unmet medical & commercial needs for contributing to the patient care covering the region of the Middle East & Africa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Effect on company finances and business: Trogarzo is currently primarily sold in the United States. However, the company and Acedra officially signed an exclusive license,commercialization and distribution agreement for TrogARzo in the Middle East andNorth Africa region.

This agreement is expected to expand the user base of Trogarzo, subsequently increasing the company's future revenue and positively impacting the overall interests and long-term value. The company looks to expand its global reach so more patients can access Trogarzo. TaiMed and AcedrA will work together to enable healthcare providers to access Trogarzo.