Certain Shares of Tamtron Group Oyj are subject to a Lock-Up Agreement Ending on 3-DEC-2023. These Shares will be under lockup for 374 days starting from 24-NOV-2022 to 3-DEC-2023.

The company has committed, with the usual exceptions, that it will not, without the prior written consent of the Financial Adviser, in the period starting from the FN listing and ending 180 days after the first day of trading of the Shares in First North (i.e. approximately 31 May 2023), other than in proportion to the shareholders' share holdings, calculate issue, offer, sell, undertake to sell, sell an option for shares or the right to buy, buy any option or right to sell, give an option right or warrant to buy, lend or otherwise transfer or hand over directly or indirectly Shares or securities that entitle to Shares or are convertible or exchangeable for Shares, or enter into an exchange agreement or other agreement by which the financial effects of ownership of Shares are transferred in whole or in part, regardless of whether such an agreement is implemented by delivery of Shares or other securities, in cash or in another way. However, the transfer restriction does not apply to measures related to the implementation of the Initial Public Offering, nor to Shares issued pursuant to employee reward programs that may have been established in accordance with normal market practice, Shares given as consideration for possible acquisitions, or Shares offered to finance possible acquisitions, provided that the recipients of the Shares commit to a corresponding transfer restriction, which ends 180 days after the first trading day of the Shares First in North.

The company's board members and CEO Mikko Keskinen, CFO Miika Tuominen, Sales and Marketing Director Markus Ritala, Technology Director Jouni Gustafsson, Chief Operating Officer Mikko Hautamäki and SaaS Business Development Director Juha Nurmela have committed, with the usual exceptions, to a non-disposal agreement similar to the Company's non-disposal agreement, which expires 365 days after the first issue of the Shares. of the trading day at First North. The transfer restriction of the above-mentioned members of the Company's board of directors and management team applies to the Shares owned by those persons on the date of this Prospectus, any Shares subscribed by them in the Personnel Issue, and the Shares subscribed by Pentti Asikainen and Mikko Keskinen as part of the Shareholder Loan Conversion.