Tata Consultancy Services Limited has enabled Euroclear Finland, the National Central Securities Depository (CSD) of Finland, to integrate its core platform with the European securities settlement engine. This transformation program ensures easier cross-border settlements for investors in Finnish securities and has resulted in the most modern post-trade platform in Europe. With TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure, Euroclear Finland's core platform is now integrated with the European Central Bank's TARGET2-Securities or T2S platform.

The modernized platform will reduce cross- border settlement risks and costs for investors, attract more investment into the country, and improve access to capital for Finnish issuers. Banks, central counterparties, and issuers will benefit from longer trading hours. Banks can now support transactions across all 24 countries within the T2S ecosystem with one centralized cash account, simplifying collateral management and improving their liquidity.

The transformation is a significant milestone in the decade-long multi-phase transformation journey of Euroclear Finland, which holds more than 2 million accounts with a total value of over EUR 460 billion . During 2015-2018, the CSD became the first European depository to replace multiple legacy systems with a single, standards-based settlement and custody platform called Infinity. This future-ready platform enabled higher levels of straight-through processing and greater flexibility, helping CSD harmonize its business processes with EU standards.