(Fornebu, 4 June 2009) Telenor's Mobilt Bedriftsnett links mobile
business users to a company's internal network. This is the first
time Telenor has allowed third parties to directly integrate with its
mobile network.

Mobilt Bedriftsnett is Telenor's biggest ever individual drive in the
business market. The service allows companies to connect their
employees - closer, simpler and more clearly. Mobilt Bedriftsnett
will be a common service platform for mobile and fixed telephony.

Businesses using the product will have a virtual private exchange
that can include main numbers, a switchboard, welcome messages and
menus, group functions, internal telephone catalogues and presence
indication. By making extensive use of web-technology we increase
user friendliness, and the need for companies to invest in special
equipment and adaptations is reduced.

Enormous potential
"Mobilt Bedriftsnett will be the dominant solution for business
telephony in Norway," says Bjørn Martin Worsøe at Telenor. "We aim to
have more than half of all mobile customers in the Norwegian market
using this solution. Mobilt Bedriftsnett is a radical renewal of the
current Proffnett product, both technically and in terms of
functionality. The potential in the market is enormous as annual
turnover for voice in the business telephony market is approximately
NOK 6, 9 billion (source: Gartner). Mobilt Bedriftsnett is our first
step towards Unified Communications and will be a key service in
ensuring growth in the total market," claims Worsøe.

Better control and overview of own and other's availability
A client downloaded to a mobile phone makes it incredibly easy to
change availability and to set up telephone conferencing. All
incoming calls are referenced with the company's own 'telephone
catalogue' and the directory enquiries service, Opplysningen 1881.
Search is also possible, where the result can be used to make calls,
send SMSs or save contacts. As a member of a Mobilt Bedriftsnett
network, you will be able to see whether other members are busy or
available on their mobile phone. Users can change their status to
'busy' and select whether calls should be redirected to, for example,
the switchboard or other colleagues. By sharing call status and
presence with all others in the network, users are better able to
manage their availability.

New strategic direction for Telenor
"Telenor has chosen a new strategic direction in allowing third party
innovation directly in our mobile network," says Abraham Foss, head
of business markets at Telenor. Through APIs (Application Programming
Interface) our partners can integrate services from Mobilt
Bedriftsnett with other solutions and applications. This is the first
time Telenor has released APIs for direct access to its mobile

"By opening up the interface in Mobilt Bedriftsnett, Telenor wishes
to signify that we will work differently to create greater innovation
closer to our customers. This is a specific expression of our desire
to position ourselves closer to our partners. This creates new
business models for Telenor and our partners and is something which
gives increased value to our common customers. In addition, Telenor
wishes to secure a share of the potential earnings that lie outside
our core business," says Abraham Foss.
Integration with third-party, more partners ready
Mobilt Bedriftsnett has a number of APIs that allow partners to
integrate status information and click-to-ring functions with their
services. These may be used, for example, to integrate call status
for mobile phones with switchboards provided by suppliers of private
Telenor has entered into agreements with most private exchange
suppliers. The following have approved products: Alcatel-Lucent,
Telefonselskapet and CBK Telecom. Tore Evensen, Director of Business
Development at Alcatel-Lucent, says development of the first version
has gone quickly and problem-free. "We look forward to developing
this solution for next-generation business communication tools
together with Telenor," says Evensen.

Proweb, as a third-party on Telenor's network, has developed
webofficeone - a mobile CRM solution.

"By using the connectivity Mobilt Bedriftsnett offers we can,
together with Telenor, develop an optimal mobile business solution
that fuses mobile data and mobile voice. We have received good
technical support when developing the new services and are very
satisfied with the way Telenor has assisted in the innovation and
development of new mobile services for the business market," says
Tommy Dignes, Marketing Director at Proweb.

BluePosition has integrated Mobilt Bedriftsnett with Microsoft Office
Communications Server. The result is a more consistent user
experience, where Microsoft Office Communicator will show a user as
busy while in a call on his mobile phone. - Telenor's embrace of the
principles of Telco 2.0 is very visionary, and Telenor is one of the
first operators in the world that has started to deliver on this
vision. It has been an exciting process that we are thrilled to be a
part of, says Kurt Husebø, Director of Sales for BluePosition in

Multi-phase launch
The services in Mobilt Bedriftsnett are being delivered in three
phases between now and summer 2010. Phase one is for companies with
up to 100 employees who wish to move to an entirely mobile platform
or integrate their mobiles in a total solution. Testing of the
services in phase two is already underway.

For further information, please contact:
Elisabeth Evjen, Information Manager at Telenor on e-mail
(elisabeth.evjen@telenor.com) or mobile (+47) 412 70 000.

Abraham Foss' photo can be downloaded from:
http://www.telenor.com/downloads/Abraham_Foss/ (Photo: Ole Walter
An illustration photo of mobile client for Mobilt Bedriftsnett can be
downloaded from:

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