May 31 (Reuters) - Tesla shareholders will vote
on CEO Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package on June 13 that a
Delaware judge voided in January, calling the sum "unfathomable"
and because she found the billionaire improperly controlled the
        Musk's proposed pay package, the largest in corporate
America, has no salary or cash bonus and sets rewards based on
Tesla's market value rising to as much as $650 billion over the
next 10 years from 2018.
     Here are a few other CEO pays that have faced a tough
 Year   Company          Description
 2023   BP               Former CEO Bernard Looney had more
                         than $40 million cut in his
                         compensation after the British oil
                         giant concluded he misled the board
                         over personal relationships with
 2021   McDonald's       Former CEO Steve Easterbrook agreed to
                         return compensation worth $105 million
                         in equity awards and cash to settle a
                         lawsuit over alleged lies about
 2019   CBS              CBS Corp fired Leslie Moonves for
                         cause and denied a $120 million
                         severance package after the former
                         chief executive was accused of sexual
                         harassment and assault that allegedly
                         took place before and after he joined
                         the company.
 2017   Uber             Travis Kalanick, Uber's co-founder and
                         CEO, was forced to resign after a
                         series of scandals plagued the
                         company, including allegations of
                         sexual harassment and a toxic
                         workplace culture. Shareholders later
                         sued the board, alleging it failed to
                         properly oversee Kalanick and allowed
                         the scandals to happen. 
 2017   Equifax          After a massive data breach exposed
                         millions of customers' personal
                         information, Equifax's CEO received
                         significant criticism for his handling
                         of the crisis and a hefty bonus.
                         Shareholders filed suit alleging the
                         board failed to properly oversee the
 2016   Viacom[VIACOM.U  A shareholder lawsuit claimed that
        L]               Viacom and CBS Corp's Executive
                         Chairman Sumner Redstone was
                         improperly paid millions though "he
                         was physically and mentally
 2011   Occidental       CEO of Occidental Petroleum Ray Irani,
        Petroleum        was criticized for excessive pay after
                         his compensation grew 40% in 2009 to
                         $31.4 million. Shareholders pushed for
                         board seats. 
 2002   Worldcom         After an accounting scandal that led
                         to financial fraud, shareholders sued
                         the company over excessive
                         compensation awarded to executives,
                         including the CEO.

 (Reporting by Priyanka.G in Bengaluru; Editing by Aditya Soni
and Devika Syamnath)