Netflix to Show NFL's Two Christmas Day Games in 2024 

The streaming giant is paying about $75 million a game in what is the company's highest-profile live-sporting event

Billionaire Frank McCourt Plans Bid for TikTok in U.S. 

The real-estate mogul said he is organizing a bid to acquire platform, saying he will put users and data security at the center of its design and purpose.

McDonald's New Pitch to Inflation-Weary Eaters: A Meal for $5 

Fast-food chain and franchisees agreed to offer monthlong promotion subsidized by Coca-Cola.

EBay Boosts Investments in GPUs in Push to Harness AI 

The online marketplace is carving out more space in its capital expenditure budget to fund its push into generative artificial intelligence.

Royal Mail Owner IDS Would Recommend Improved EP Takeover Offer if Made Formal 

International Distribution Services said it received an improved $4.41 billion takeover proposal from Daniel Kretinsky's EP Corporate Group that it would be prepared to recommend to shareholders if a formal offer was made.

Google Regains AI Initiative by Playing to Its Strengths 

Adding generative AI to search and Android shows the tech giant's distribution muscle while lessening risk to key businesses.

Tesla Hits the Road to Persuade Shareholders to Pay Elon Musk $46 Billion 

Investors will vote on a 2018 pay package again after a judge threw it out.

BYD Debuts First Pickup Truck in Mexico 

Chinese automaker BYD has launched its first pickup truck, debuting a luxury plug-in hybrid in Mexico to compete with global rivals in China's second-largest market for auto exports.

Walmart's Reign as America's Biggest Retailer Is Under Threat 

With Amazon on its heels, the nation's biggest company by revenue is hunting for ways to continue growing.

With America Off-Limits, China EV Makers Aim to Conquer Rest of World 

Carmakers in China are accelerating a sales push in Europe and Southeast Asia and are looking to produce more abroad.

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