May 31 (Reuters) - Tesla shareholders will vote on June 13 to ratify CEO Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package that was voided by a Delaware judge in January. Also coming up is the re-election of directors, including Musk's younger brother, Kimbal.

Usually seen posing in a cowboy hat, Kimbal's bio on the Tesla website says he is an entrepreneur, activist and a chef.


* Born a year after Elon Musk, Kimbal grew up in South Africa with his brother before moving to Canada to pursue a business degree at Queen's University. He turns 52 this year.

* His net worth was estimated to be $700 million in 2021, according to Forbes. He owns nearly 2 million shares of Tesla, worth about $348.7 million, according to the company's proxy filing and the closing share price on Thursday.

* Kimbal Musk was a director of SpaceX from 2002, when it was founded, to January 2022, according to Tesla's latest proxy filing. He served on Chipotle Mexican Grill's board between 2013 and 2019.

* One of the early business collaborations between the brothers was internet enterprise software firm Zip2 Corp, which they co-founded in 1995. It was acquired by Compaq for a reported $307 million, according to the New York Times, and merged into Yahoo Maps in 1999.

* Kimbal had also invested in his brother's online financial services firm, which merged with PayPal.

* A graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City, he co-founded The Kitchen Restaurant Group in 2004 that has restaurants across the United States. He is also the author of "The Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking for Your Community".

* In 2010, Kimbal became the executive director of Big Green, a non-profit organization that creates learning gardens in schools across the U.S. In 2022, he launched a drone light shows company, Nova Sky Stories, with 9,000 light drones.

* He co-founded an indoor farming platform Square Roots in 2016.

* In 2010 he broke his neck while skiing at the age of 37 that left him hospitalized for months. He called it a "near death experience", according to media reports.

(Compiled by Sayantani Ghosh in San Francisco and Jaspreet Singh in Bengaluru; Editing by Aditya Soni and Arun Koyyur)