The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited provided earnings guidance for the year ended 31 December 2023. For the year, the company expects to record profit attributable to the equity holders of the Company in the region of HKD 450.0 million, as compared to a loss of HKD 445.3 million recorded in the year 2022. The turnaround from a loss to an expected profit is primarily attributable to the currently estimated net fair value gain of financial assets measured at fair value through profit or loss of approximately HKD 30.0 million (2022: loss of HKD 615.0 million); no loss in fair value reserve recycled to profit or loss upon derecognition of debt securities at fair value through other comprehensive income (2022: loss of HKD 152.1 million); and a decrease of share of losses of an associate from HKD 122.0 million in the year 2022 to approximately HKD 47.0 million in the Year 2023.