Descartes Systems Group announced that Arrive Logistics is using Descartes MacroPoint?? to provide shipper customers with real-time visibility into freight moving across its nationwide network. Through enhanced levels of automation in freight tracking processes for carriers and carrier compliance, this collaboration equips Arrive to better serve its shippers and carriers.

Arrive Logistics was recently honored by Descartes MacroPoint as a Top Carrier for 2023. The award recognizes carriers who achieve and maintain high standards of tracking compliance across a large volume of freight, a status reserved for less than 1% of the Descartes MacroPoint carrier network. Offering automated tracking has helped Arrive achieve a higher standard of performance and reduced transportation disruptions, positioning the company as an increasingly valuable service partner to its 6,000+ shippers and 70,000+ carriers.

Descartes MacroPoint is a multimodal visibility platform designed to help freight brokers, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) and shippers gain better visibility to their freight operations and shipments. Carriers can easily connect with the solution via GPS-based electronic logging device (ELD), transportation management systems (TMS), or mobile app-based tracking methods. The platform allows for increased control and management of the supply chain-with more efficient and high-quality data to improve communication and decision-making.

Using Descartes MacroPoint, companies can enhance customer service, increase distribution efficiency, better collaborate with customers, suppliers and carriers, and minimize the impact of disruptions and late delivery penalties.