Descartes Systems Group announced that U.K.-based Spacepro is using the Descartes Customer Engagement Platform?? to enhance the customer journey within its after-care department, which services its sliding door and interior solution products for construction, newbuild and online consumers nationwide. The cloud-based Descartes Customer Engagement platform helps companies elevate the quality of the customer experience while driving operational efficiencies and lowering costs in last-mile delivery and field service.

Companies can automate customer communication before, during and after deliveries or service appointments with a branded web-based customer portal that supports real-time ETA tracking, provides chat options, and captures customer feedback. By leveraging technology to easily engage with customers throughout the delivery or appointment lifecycle, companies can decrease inbound call volumes for order status and ETAs, reduce no-access rates and failed appointments, receive actionable and timely customer feedback, streamline click and collect options for order collection and increase customer retention and customer satisfaction.