TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited announced that at its AGM to be held on 9 April 2024, to approve the dividend payment from 2023 operating results: Approve the dividend payment at the rate of THB 0.105 per share, amounting to THB 10,195,768,669.36 and such dividend accounts for 55% of the 2023 net profit. Since the company already completed the interim dividend payment from the net profit of company?s first half operating results during 1 January 2023 to 30 June 2023, on 25 October 2023 to company?s shareholders whose names appeared on the list of shareholders on the record date of 10 October 2023 for the interim dividend entitlement at the rate of THB 0.05 per share, totaling THB 4,854,900,207.60, the reaming dividend to be paid under the resolution of the shareholders meeting was at the rate of THB 0.055 per share amounting to THB 5,340,868,461.76. This time the company has set the record date to determine the list of shareholders entitled to receive the dividend on 18 April 2024 and the dividend payment date on 8 May 2024.