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June 29, 2017

Announcement of the New Management Team

Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc. announces that its new management team has been formed by the resolutions of the 105th Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting. The new team appointment was approved as proposed by the Meeting of the Board of Directors that was also held today. Details are as follows:

President & CEO (Representative Director) Tateaki Ishida

Deputy President (Representative Director) Hiroshi Maezono as proposed new assignment

Director Toshiyuki Hayakawa

Director Ichiro Mizuno

Director Masato Setta

Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Masato Okajima Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Mitsuhiro Yasuda Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Keisuke Inoue

Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Fumio Inui as proposed new assignment

(Note) Ichiro Mizuno, Masato Setta, Mitsuhiro Yasuda, Keisuke Inoue and Fumio Inui are all in the position of outside director, as stipulated in Item 15, Article 2, of the Company Law.


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