TOMRA has entered into a long-term agreement to equip new recycling depots to be launched in Quebec starting in 2024. Following Quebec's recent expansion of its deposit return system (DRS), the agreement with the local producer responsibility organization, the Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association (QBCRA), will see the installation of approximately 1,350 TOMRA machines. The depots automated by TOMRA include small, urban depots that will purchase the reverse vending infrastructure and subscribe to a service agreement, and large depots that will operate on a throughput revenue model (where TOMRA is paid based on the number of containers returned through their equipment).

The roll-out will begin in the first quarter of 2024 and continue over three years, during which time TOMRA will gradually make an investment of approximately 430 million NOK in the new infrastructure. TOMRA targets an average annual return on the invested capital of more than 20%. Prior to November 1, 2023, the DRS included only beer/soft drink cans, PET and a small portion of one-way glass.

Now it will expand to all drinkable beverages between 100ml and 2L, including all cans, plastic and glass bottles, and cartons. The deposit/refund value has also increased from 5 cents to 10 cents, except for glass, which has increased to 25 cents. Quebec was until now a return-to-retail model, but the province will now move to a hybrid return model with the introduction of bottle depots or redemption centers.

Further expansion is planned for March 2025, with more container types and return locations targeted.