Transaction Capital Limited Shareholders are referred to previous SENS communications, including Transaction Capital's results for the half year ended 31 March 2023, which detailed the planned restructure and rebasing of the SA Taxi business model. Based upon a deliberate succession plan initiated in 2022, the following appointments have been made with immediate effect: Jonathan Jawno as executive chairman of Mobalyz. Jonathan is one of the founders and an executive director of Transaction Capital. Dave McAlpin as executive deputy chairman of Mobalyz. Dave is currently joint chief executive officer (CEO) of Nutun together with John Watling. Sean Doherty as CEO of Mobalyz. Sean was previously chief financial officer (CFO) of Transaction Capital and is currently deputy CEO of Mobalyz. Rob Monteith as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Mobalyz. Rob will move to this role from being
CTO of Nutun. Terry Kier will focus on pursuing and managing certain key strategic relationships, and endeavour to unlock strategic opportunities. Terry was previously CEO of Mobalyz.
The following changes will be made, effective 1 July 2023: Dave McAlpin will retire as Nutun CEO but will continue as a non-executive director of Nutun and join Mobalyz as executive deputy chairman. John Watling will be appointed as Nutun CEO. John has been joint CEO of Nutun for the past nine months and was, prior to joining Nutun, the Managing Director of Accenture in the banking, insurance and other divisions in Africa.