TRATON Roadshow Presentation

Group Investor Relations - September 2023


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September 2023 Roadshow Presentation



  1. TRATON GROUP Overview
  2. Strategy "TRATON Way Forward"
  3. Business Performance Q2 2023 & Outlook

September 2023 Roadshow Presentation



Four strong global

brands under one roof


Employees worldwide1


Transportation Together.

€40.3 bn

For a sustainable world."

Sustainability as a core

Sales revenue

principle and responsible

behavior as a top priority in

the Group's strategy


28 production and

assembly sites worldwide

Unit sales

in 14 countries on

(trucks, buses & vans)

4 continents

Note: Data based on Full Year 2022 results 1 As of December 31, 2022

September 2023 Roadshow Presentation


Four strong global brands under one roof



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