A high-altitude solar and storage plant with modules provided by Trina Solar was connected to the grid in November. The project, in two phases, has total installed capacity of 200MW. It is forecast to generate 340million kWh, slash coal that is mined by 102,300 tonnes and CO(2) emissions by 280,800 tonnes a year.

The first phase has laid a solid foundation for Trina Solar to deliver 88MW of Vertex N 700W ultra-high power modules in the second phase. The plant is subject to drastic temperature differences and strong winds. So reliability and power generation performance of PV modules are of utmost importance to ensure stable operation.

After careful consideration the plant's operator chose Trina Solar Vertex N 700W modules. Based on 210mm product technology platform and n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, Vertex N 700W module, with high power, efficiency, reliability, energy yield and low LCOE, can further reduce BOS, being an ideal choice for utility- scale PV projects. In May Vertex N 700W series modules passed RETC's extended reliability tests with an outstanding performance.

Even at high altitudes Vertex N 700W modules can guarantee their high reliability, providing exceptional customer value. The new plant not only helps resolve the problem of seasonal power shortages in certain areas but also delivers significant economic, social and environmental benefits. By the end of October the new plant had created about 1,200 employment opportunities for farmers and herders, enabling them to greatly increase income, thus giving a fillip to the local economy.

In addition to promoting grass growth, the plant also preserves the natural environment by preventing sandstorms with modules, producing a virtuous cycle of ecology and using land resources effectively.