TrinaTracker has launched its optimal combination intelligent tracking solution composed of the newly upgraded Vanguard 1P and 700w+ modules. The upgraded Vanguard 1P, unveiled on December 15, is a high-quality product that offers increased safety and greater reliability. It meets the needs of customers who require trackers in composite application settings.

TrinaTracker uses a rapid installation solution that reduces installation costs and improves construction efficiency in complex installation environments. The new Vanguard 1P features a contracted pipe design that halves torque tube connection time. Its multi-drive system shortens drive installation time by 30%.

The split spherical bearings and the quick purlin installation system can reduce installation time by 20% and 30% respectively. The upgraded Vanguard 1P is equipped with the latest proprietary SuperTrack smart algorithm and the Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform. Compared with traditional algorithms SuperTrack can deliver energy gains of up to 8%.

Self-learning and self-optimizing approaches are adopted to sense optimized parameters in real-time, reducing power losses due to trading in complex terrains. The Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform can monitor and diagnose the operating status of the tracker in real-time. It offers special features such as data sharing, a 3D digital map and health diagnosis, which can effectively solve operational and maintenance problems in complex terrains.

In addition, TrinaTracker's latest design and flexible arrangement allow for the efficient use of irregular plots of land, overcoming the challenge of underused areas. By using the newly upgraded Vanguard 1P, the number of trackers per MW can be cut by 43%, the number of posts per MW can be cut by 4%, and installed capacity can be increased by 16% compared with conventional 1P trackers, thus further reducing BOS costs.