Tropical Battery Company Limited announced the appointment of Mr. Itamar Frankenthal and Mr. Andrew Cramer as new directors to the Board of Tropical Battery Company Limited, effective February 12, 2024. Mr. Itamar Frankenthal is a distinguished professional with a multifaceted career spanning engineering, entrepreneurship, and academia. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the City University of New York where he led his team to win the capstone robotics competition and graduated summa cum laude.

He also holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School where he graduated with EC Honors. As the CEO of Rose Batteries, Mr. Frankenthal was instrumental in the company?s significant growth and innovation, focusing on providing customized solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). His tenure was marked by strategic leadership that enhanced the company?s reputation for reliable and essential power solutions.

Following the acquisition of Rose Batteries by Tropical Battery, Mr. Frankenthal transitioned to a Consultant role before taking up his current position as Director. His tenure as CEO at Rose Batteries was marked by innovation and phenomenal growth. His leadership played a crucial role in building Rose Batteries?

reputation for reliable and essential power solutions. As an Electrical Engineer, Mr. Frankenthal is well versed with batteries and the technology industry at large. He gained technical experience as a systems and software engineer at the Information and Electronic Warfare division of BAE Systems where Mr. Frankenthal developed next generation technology for the F-15 radar system and counter-missile defense systems for the Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Frankenthal gained financial skills as a quantitative financial analyst at Sanford Bernstein Alliance Capital (?AB?). At AB, Itamar researched and created modules for a patented model to forecast global capital markets and asset classes using advanced regression techniques resulting in analysis of $50B in investments and new business of $1B in Europe and Asia. Mr. Frankenthal gained production, operational, management and marketing experience at Global Foods International (?GFI?), a niche custom-foods specialty manufacturer, where he led a division, reported directly to the CEO and was one of three members of the executive team.

Mr. Andrew Cramer is a co-founder and COO of KAYA and oversees project development and implementation processes. He is a frequent speaker at regional energy and technology conferences ? including the MIT Technology Review?s EmTech and the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum ?

on topics including the role disruptive technologies like machine learning will play in the renewable energy industry. Prior to KAYA, Mr. Cramer worked with the United Nations as a post-conflict electoral consultant in countries including Timor-Leste, Nepal, Sudan, Comoros, Afghanistan and Libya. In 2017, Mr. Cramer was selected to be among 90 thought leaders from around the world to participate in a program ?

funded by Google and based on the NASA Ames Research Facility in Silicon Valley ? to examine how exponential technologies can be leveraged to address the negative impacts of climate change. Mr. Cramer has a degree in Environmental Sciences from Loyola University Chicago and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University.