As part of its strategic planning, Tropical Battery Company Limited has renamed certain posts within the organisation. The Company hereby notifies that the members of the management team, including recent changes and senior management of subsidiaries, are as follows: Alexander Melville, who held the post of Managing Director, has been appointed as CEO effective March 1, 2024. He remains a Director on the Board of Directors.

He has been with Tropical Battery since April 1, 1996 including as Managing Director and has more than 26 years of industry work experience in the Automotive/Battery Business. The experience ranges from warehouse hand, receivables clerk, finance director, to his current role. The highlights during this time would be the transition to real-time sales accounting for all of retail stores, restructuring shareholder equity with significant investment from the company's parent company, and helping to put the right people in the right seats, then inspiring and motivating them to achieve growth rates significantly above industry growth rates.

Alexander, also sits on the Board of Eppley Limited, a finance and investment company listed on the JSE, and is on the Audit and Remuneration Committees of that company. Additionally, on Chukka Group Boards; Diverze Assets Inc., Diverze Properties, and as the Treasury Director of Chukka Caribbean Adventures Ltd. (a regional Nature Adventure Tour Company).