Tucows announced that Lee Matheson, a Partner at Edgepoint Wealth Management, and Gigi Sohn, renowned lawyer and consumer advocate, have been elected to its board of directors. With an impressive track record in the financial industry, Lee Matheson brings substantial, relevant expertise to the Tucows Board. Matheson is a Partner at Edgepoint Wealth Management, one of Tucows' largest shareholders, and has been closely engaged with Tucows as an investor.

He is a CFA charterholder with demonstrated business analysis skills and a deep understanding of the technology sector. Matheson's extensive capital market experience and business acumen will make him a valued addition to the Tucows Board of Directors. Gigi Sohn, a renowned lawyer and consumer advocate, is widely recognized for her contributions to telecommunications, media, and technology law and policy.

With her vast experience in the legal field, work as counselor to the FCC Chair from 2013 to 2016, and leadership of telecom and technology policy organizations, she has been instrumental in shaping policies that promote innovation, digital rights, and a free and open Internet. Her deep knowledge and experience as a consumer advocate led President Biden to nominate her for a seat on the FCC in 2021. Sohn's profound knowledge and unwavering commitment to consumer-oriented telecom policy make her an excellent addition to the Tucows Board of Directors.

Tucows also announced that Brad Burnham, co-founder of Union Square Ventures, will be stepping down from its board of directors. Brad has served on Tucows' board of directors since January, 2017. Changes to Tucows' board of directors were effective as of September 7, 2023.