Tyler Technologies, Inc. announced the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) has successfully gone live with Tyler's payment and deposit solutions to effectively manage all aspects of money transfer services for correctional facilities across the entire state of Florida. Through this partnership, FDC will be able to streamline the entire inmate trust management life cycle from upcoming deposits and payments to fund disbursement. The project will be implemented in multiple phases.

The deposit solutions, which are part of the initial phase, are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a cloud environment and make it easy to accept deposits from approved individuals through a user-friendly omni-channel platform. Approved depositors can send funds to inmates online, via mobile app, through interactive voice response, and at a secure lockbox. Deposited funds are then made available in the inmate's commissary account.

When an inmate is released, he or she can quickly receive that money on a prepaid debit card. These debit cards will help formerly incarcerated individuals gain access to funds from area banks and secure transportation and other necessary items for reentry. Tyler is also assisting the FDC with streamlining the collection and disbursement of court-ordered payments.

Offenders now have access to a modern payment platform, enabling them to easily look up their account, make payments, and view transaction history from one platform. Court-ordered payments can then be disbursed to winners in a variety of channels, including instant transfer, PayPal, or Venmo, with some options funding the individual within a matter of minutes once approved by FDC. Tyler is also pleased to provide FDC with a reentry solution that bridges the gap between the facility and the community by connecting inmates with local support organizations prior to their release.

The solution works hand-in-hand with programs administered by the FDC and benefits inmates by helping to connect them with resources to further educational opportunities. They can find a job, locate housing, and otherwise prepare themselves to be active, healthy contributors to their community after being released from prison. The FDC has 128 facilities and houses more than 80,000 residents.

It is the third larger prison system in the U.S. Tyler is the payment services provider for the state of Florida, serving more than 20 state agencies, the state's judicial branch, and many local government entities.