Uber for Business announced it is now the exclusive rideshare solution for RedCap by Solera, a leading software company enhancing automotive service processes in dealerships nationwide. The new rideshare integration enables RedCap customers to arrange on-demand rides through Uber for Business. In addition to rideshare, RedCap customers can request parts deliveries via Uber Direct, Uber's on-demand local delivery solution.

Uber is the only platform that offers transportation and delivery solutions to its customers. With a leading position in the US rideshare industry, user-friendly solutions, and the flexibility to scale with customer demand, Uber for Business is well-positioned to create an elevated transportation experience for the 5,500 dealerships utilizing RedCap's platform nationwide More than 200,000 companies use Uber for Business to help provide both rides and delivery options to their employees, customers, and guests. This rideshare integration enables multiple solutions via Uber for Business on the RedCap platform dealerships already use every day.

With RedCap, service and sales departments can create a more convenient customer experience by requesting courtesy rides for customers using the Uber API. If a dealership prefers to put the customer in control, they have the flexibility to offer Uber Vouchers with predetermined limits on trip distance and cost. In addition to moving people, RedCap?s Parts OnDemand integration with Uber Direct enables dealerships to arrange parts delivery within RedCap to help expedite repairs ?

a solution that?s growing in demand. Together, RedCap and Uber for Business can provide dealerships with a holistic transportation and delivery solution to improve customer experiences, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This integration empowers dealerships to: Elevate customer experiences:47% of car buyers think about changing their automotive brand after a company fails to deliver a relevant customer experience.

This integration allows dealerships to offer seamless transportation solutions while customers are without a vehicle. Deliver and receive parts on-demand: Time is of the essence, and with on-demand delivery via Uber Direct, dealerships don?t need to tie up their lifts waiting hours for parts to arrive or pull someone from the team to make a run. RedCap?s Parts OnDemand product modernizes parts delivery without requiring additional trucks or personnel.

Optimize costs: Shuttles can be costly to run and maintain ?$4,000 to $5,000 a month, according to RedCap research. With Shuttle OnDemand, dealerships will only pay for the rides and vouchers they use. Increase revenue: According to RedCap, in 2024 dealerships are experiencing a 63% increase in customer spend when the customer is transported from the dealership to their home or work.

Operational process enhancement to Pickup & Delivery: Enable Pickup & Delivery drivers to request a ride from Uber directly within RedCap?s DriverQ app. Dealerships can better utilize their available resources by eliminating chase drivers and the additional mileage, expense, and depreciation on dealership vehicles. Control spending and simplify reimbursement: Dealership administrators have the option to set parameters around spend and usage, and service advisors can attach receipts to repair orders, which are often reimbursed by original equipment manufacturers for warrantied vehicles.

Leverage Uber's scale: Rides with Uber are available on-demand in all 50 U.S. states, providing greater coverage than alternatives. Lower liability:Uber maintains automotive insurance with leading providers to help protect riders and drivers in the event of a covered accident. Receive dedicated support: The team offers hands-on support for automotive dealerships that need help signing up or using the tool.