Sept 26 (Reuters) - Uber Technologies is partnering with Los Angeles Yellow Cab and its affiliates to increase the supply of taxis on the ride-hailing giant's platform, the company said on Tuesday.

Uber has been securing similar tie-ups in global markets including Europe and Asia over the last two years, deepening its ties with the private taxi industry that was whiplashed by the rise of ride-hailing startups more than a decade ago.

Under the new partnership, taxis associated with LA Yellow Cab and its five partner fleets will get bookings through the Uber app.

The six taxi companies - which include San Diego Yellow Cab, California Yellow Cab, Long Beach Yellow Cab, Fiesta Taxi Cooperative and United Checker Cab - will add up to 1,200 cabs to the Uber platform.

Uber has staged a strong post-pandemic recovery thanks to a rebound in inter-city travel and higher market penetration than its closest rival Lyft.

When customers request a ride with UberX, they might get matched with a taxi, and will have the option to decline or get re-matched with a cab that is not a taxi. UberX fares will apply to these rides.

"We anticipate that this partnership will have a positive impact for our driver-owners as the pandemic recovery continues," said William Rouse, CEO of Los Angeles Yellow Cab. (Reporting by Arsheeya Bajwa in Bengaluru; Editing by Devika Syamnath)