On September 14, 2023, Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd., closed the transaction. The company issued 30,000,000 shares at a price of CNY 13.79 for the gross proceeds of CNY 413,700,000. As a part of the transaction, the company paid an issuance fee of CNY 10,081,011.51.

The transaction will include participation from new investors, Everbright Securities Company Limited for CNY 144.23999 million, Caitong Fund Management Co., Ltd. for CNY 83.16004 million, CSC Financial Co., Ltd., Investment Arm for CNY 80 million, Tianan Life Insurance Company Limited of China for CNY 29.99999 million, Nuode Asset Management Co., Ltd. for CNY 23.3 million, GF Securities Co., Ltd. for CNY 23 million, UBS Group AG for CNY 14.99999 million, individual investor, Xue Xiaohua for CNY 14.99999 million.