GlocalMe, the digital lifestyle brand under uCloudLink Group Inc. introduced three new products at VivaTech 2024. The GlocalMe Life KeyTracker, RoamPlug and Unicord are the latest products under the new GlocalMe Life product series that will keep digital consumers connected to their friends, family and work no matter where they are in the world. These new GlocalMe Life devices come with uCloudlink's patented Cloud SIM technology that enables fast, reliable and secured internet connectivity in over 200 countries and regions, minimizing the need for expensive roaming charges and international mobile data plan subscriptions.

In a world where every moment is connected, GlocalMe is more than just a global network service operator; it is an innovator that connects people. With GlocalMe, every connection is a step towards a better, empowered life. GlocalMe Life KeyTracker: The GlocalMe Life KeyTracker is a small and lightweight tracker that can be attached to any personal belonging, including your key, luggage and other valuables.

The KeyTracker can also provide peace of mind for caregivers with children and elders or pet owners in case they are out of reach. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to pinpoint the exact location on the GlocalMe mobile app through its six-fold relocation technology, with unique multi-network multi-base station positioning and active radar search for up to 100 meters. GlocaMe Life RoamPlug: The GlocalMe Life RoamPlug is more than just a universal travel adapter, it's a one-for-all device that combines smart charging technology, 4 ports charger including 3 USB-C and 1 USB-A and a built-in mobile Wi-Fi module.

The RoamPlug allows you to travel lighter, smarter, and a one plug power source for all your tech and devices. When not being used as an adapter, it can also be used as a mobile hotspot to provide stable and secured internet connectivity for all your other mobile devices on the go. With a retail price of USD 99.99, the GlocalMe Life RoamPlug is available for purchase starting June 17, 2024 on GlocalMe's official website.

GlocalMe Life Unicord: The GlocalMe Life Unicord is a USB C to C cable with built-in mobile Wi-Fi capabilities. Imagine yourself without a charging cable, Wi-Fi dongle or internet connectivity. The Unicord can tackle all these problems by simply connecting the cable to a power source or laptop directly, and the mobile Wi-Fi module on the cable will instantly serve as a hotspot.

The combination of the Unicord and the RoamPlug make them great travel companions not only to charge and connect your devices, but also provide you with reliable internet connectivity without the need to carry bulky hardware. With a retail price of USD 29.99, the GlocalMe Life Unicord is available for purchase starting June 17, 2024 on GlocalMe's official website. GlocalMe Life Series and Data Mall: First introduced in 2024, GlocalMe Life is a new product series established by GlocalMe that aims to merge smart life and reliable internet accessibility into a simple and minimalistic experience.

From family & pet caring devices to other mobile essentials, the GlocalMe Life products are your local and global travel companions that allows you to stay connected to your loved one all the time. Backed by uCloudlink's patented Cloud SIM technology, GlocalMe Life devices will dynamically select the best network coverage at any given time and location globally. When you subscribe to GlocalMe's international data plans, you can enjoy roaming free, SIM free, reliable internet connectivity with your GlocalMe Life devices.

With GlocalMe Life products, you don't need much to keep yourself connected. Whether you are a parent, pet owner, digital nomad, mobile worker, business traveler, globe trotter or just someone who requires a seamless, reliable and secured data network, GlocalMe Life products can provide your lifestyle with ease and simplicity.