On December 28, 2012, Ocean Electric Inc. received a resignation notice from Ricardo Prats Cans as Secretary of the Company. Mr. Prats will remain in all of his other roles with the Company. On December 28, 2012, the Company appointed James B. Panther as its new Secretary.

Mr. James B. Panther over the past forty years has been an attorney and served as CEO and Director of various private companies. In 1972, Mr. Panther began his career with the national CPA firm of Arthur Young and Company. Following, in the 1980's he served as CEO of Mohave Feed and Fuel, Inc, a Company involved in energy conservation through the production and sale of electricity to energy providers in California.

Since 1996 Mr. Panther has been engaged, on a full time basis, in the practice of business and corporate law. Mr. Panther will serve as its officer until his duly elected successor is appointed or he resigns.