(Alliance News) - The Mib moves bullish in the 30,400 area on Wednesday as investors await the release of important economic data, particularly the expected U.S. inflation data.

Trading rooms weighed in on comments from ECB members, with François Villeroy de Galhau saying the central bank plans to cut interest rates this year, provided the inflation outlook has stabilized in line with its 2 percent target, while Centeno warned that rate cuts could happen sooner than initially expected.

Thus, the FTSE Mib trades green by 0.2 percent at 30,452.39, with the put/call ratio showing a value of 4.7.

In Europe, Paris's CAC 40 is advancing 0.1 percent, London's FTSE 100 is giving up 0.2 percent while Frankfurt's DAX 40 is moving in the green by 0.2 percent.

Among the smaller listings Wednesday morning, the Mid-Cap is giving up 0.2 percent to 44,332.19, the Small-Cap is giving up 0.3 percent to 27,940.94, while Italy Growth is up fractionally to 8,287.07.

On the main list of Piazza Affari, Campari is giving up 5.2 percent to EUR9.40 per share. The company announced Wednesday morning that it had successfully placed both EUR650 million of new shares and a EUR550 million bond maturing in 2029, for a total of EUR1.2 billion raised.

Tenaris is giving up 1.3 percent to EUR14.80 per share, in its sixth session on the bearish side.

Snam, on the other hand, is giving up 1.0%, reversing course after a four-session bullish mini-trend.

BPER Banca - in the red by 0.4 percent - reported that, following the conclusion of book-building activities, it has successfully completed a EUR500 million Additional Tier 1 bond issue with perpetual maturity and callable "callable" from year five.

Bond issue also for UniCredit, which is raising 0.3 percent. The bank successfully placed a Tier 2 bond in the amount of EUR1.00 billion, aimed at institutional investors. The bond, with a maturity of 10 years and 3 months callable after 5 years and 3 months, pays a fixed coupon of 5.375% until April 2029 and has an issue price of 99.847%, equivalent to a spread of 280 basis points over the benchmark swap rate.

FinecoBank, on the other hand, advances 2.2 percent. The company reported Wednesday that it recorded net inflows of EUR1.23 billion in December, the best of the entire year. With this result, the bank ended the year with inflows of EUR8.8 billion, with the managed component at EUR2.7 billion and the administered component at EUR8.3 billion.

On the mid-cap, LU-VE advances 1.4 percent, following eve's red with 0.2 percent.

Buzzi, meanwhile, advances 1.0 percent, pricing itself at EUR29.46. The stock during the session updated its 52-week high to EUR29.50 per share.

Caltagirone, on the other hand, is giving up 1.9 percent to EUR4.12 per share, with the 52-week deficit marking a minus 33 percent.

Technogym - in the red by 0.9 percent - continues with its buyback program. Most recently, it announced Wednesday that it bought back 112,372 of its own ordinary shares between Jan. 2 and Jan. 5, for a total value of about EUR996,000.

On the Small-Cap, Aquafil is advancing 2.8 percent, bringing its price to EUR3.36 per share. The compoany disclosed Tuesday that it has positively concluded, with the various financing institutions, the process of obtaining waivers in relation to the covenants applicable to the financial parameters of the 2023 fiscal year.

It does even better for Caleffi, which shows a bullish candle of more than 13 percent. The stock-which has been missing the ex-dividend since 2017-positions its snout toward its third bullish session.

At the tail end, Autostrade Meridionali is giving up 4.7 percent, reeling on profit taking that comes after three sessions of marked rises.

Netweek, on the other hand, is giving up 5.0%, in its third bearish session.

Among the PMIs, Estrima, which trades up 4.8% at EUR0.8380, rebounds after a long bearish streak.

Deodato.Gallery, which moves ahead 1.1% to EUR0.4450. The stock-rated by a single analyst on the MarketScreener platform-shows a target price of EUR1.20, thus being under-priced by more than 172%.

Caribbean Company is giving up 7.3 percent to EUR2.04 per share. There is high trading volume on the stock, with over 51,000 compared to the three-month daily average of about 11,300.

Finance.tech, on the other hand, is retreating 5.6 percent, heading for its third session to end with a bearish candle.

In New York overnight Europe, the Dow Jones gave up 0.4 percent, the S&P gave up 0.2 percent while the Nasdaq picked up 0.1 percent.

Among currencies, the euro changed hands at USD1.0948 against USD1.0926 recorded in Tuesday's European stock close while the pound is worth USD1.2722 from USD1.2710 last night.

Brent crude is worth USD77.54 per barrel versus USD77.65 per barrel at Tuesday's close. Gold, meanwhile, trades at USD2,036.13 an ounce from USD2,029.24 an ounce last night.

On Wednesday's macroeconomic calendar, at 1300 CET, the US mortgage market report will be released, followed at 1600 CET by wholesale trade data. This will be followed at 1630 CET by the EIA refinery count and Cushing's inventory. At 1900 CET, an auction of Treasury securities with a 10-year maturity is scheduled instead. Also worth noting is the speech by FOMC member Williams, which will be held at 2115 CET.

By Maurizio Carta, Alliance News reporter

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