WILHELMSHAVEN (dpa-AFX) - Lower Saxony's state-owned port infrastructure company NPorts is pressing ahead with plans to build a large jetty for the import of liquefied gases in Wilhelmshaven. According to current plans, construction of the 1.7-kilometer jetty in the north of the port is set to begin in 2026, NPorts announced on Wednesday. The "largest gas import terminal in Germany" is to be built with up to six berths. With a planned investment volume of around 600 million euros, the jetty is also the company's largest port infrastructure project to date, an NPorts spokeswoman said.

The so-called jetty for liquefied gases (AVG) is intended to make Wilhelmshaven an important hub for the import of climate-friendly gases for the whole of Germany. Initial plans envisage three berths for large tankers on the outside of the jetty, with three more ships able to berth on the inside. Extensions will also be possible if required. According to NPorts, investigations are currently underway for planning and approval. These include nautical simulations, current assessments and environmental assessments. According to earlier information from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Hanover, the jetty could be completed by 2027.

The jetty is to be operated by the energy companies Tree Energy Solutions (TES) and Uniper. Uniper, for example, plans to import ammonia via Wilhelmshaven, which will be used to produce green hydrogen with the help of a so-called cracker.

According to the plans, the new jetty is to be built directly on the deep waters of the Jade - to the south of the existing Voslapper Groden transshipment facility, where the first floating special ship for importing liquefied natural gas (LNG), the "Hoegh Esperanza", is currently moored. Independently of the plans for the jetty for liquefied gases, a second floating LNG import terminal is currently being built near the first LNG terminal and is due to go into operation this year./len/DP/stw