UPS company Roadie has officially launched its new Roadie Direct warehouse delivery solution, which enables same-day pickup and delivery of orders from warehouses. The solution enables retailers to offer their customers local home delivery of e-commerce orders direct from their existing warehouses - within hours - while avoiding the costs of middle-mile transportation, shelving and re-picking required for same-day delivery from stores. The company began implementing the solution for select retailers earlier this year and is now announcing its availability to both new and existing Roadie customers.

The Roadie Direct launch comes just in time for the holiday peak shopping season, which is always a challenging time for retailers as they scale to meet a surge in consumer demand. Roadie Direct is a first-of-its-kind solution that helps retailers better leverage their existing warehouse footprint to unlock faster-than-ever delivery speeds without taking on additional infrastructure investments. The solution includes Roadie's proprietary technology, in-house sortation with the new Roadie SmartSort app, and out-of-the-box integration with Roadie's crowdsourced delivery platform.

Combined, these products create a single packaged solution that enables efficient warehouse-to-doorstep deliveries while eliminating middle-mile costs for retailers. The Roadie SmartSort app, a key component of the solution, makes sorting and scanning easy by using existing hardware already in use at warehouses - no new tools required. A retailer's current team members can use Zebra scanners or any smartphone to scan and sort.

With a few bins, a dedicated bay for pickup and just a few employees, Roadie SmartSort enables a retailer's warehouse team to operate a full logistics hub - including a micro-sortation center - with minimal space and labor while offering ultrafast delivery options to customers. After sortation, orders are sent to the Roadie platform, where Roadie's proprietary algorithm batches the orders. The orders are then pushed to the Roadie SmartSort app for sorting and staging using the retailer's existing scanner hardware or even their employees' personal mobile devices.

The batched orders are posted on the Roadie platform for pickup and delivery by a driver crowdsourced on the Roadie platform. The Roadie nationwide network includes more than 200,000 independent drivers with a range of vehicle types to accommodate nearly any size SKU in a warehouse.